X-Men A XXX Porn Parody Part 2 - Paul Canon and Mike De Marko - Super Gay Hero 9

X-Men A XXX Porn Parody Part 2 – Paul Canon and Mike De Marko – Super Gay Hero

Ice meets fire In Part 2, where Iceman and Pyro’s anger leads them down a path of viciously passionate plowing. These super-gay-heroes take turns worshipping each other’s beautiful cocks before Pyro takes the plunge, filling Iceman with his throbbing member in deep powerful thrusts.

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Elliot & Rusty Bareback 2

Elliot & Rusty: Bareback

Hot newcomer Elliot is back to have his way with muscle-hunk Rusty! They decided to go kayaking and have a little fun partaking in some friendly competition to see who could conquer the waters…and who could conquer the other! They had a great time pushing each other off their kayaks and just playing around, but after all that action in the water, a different side of Elliot came out, “I’m gonna have to give it to him rough now. He’s been a bad bitch!” Even though Elliot is a rookie, Rusty was willing to show him the ropes, “I’ll teach him, no worries!” When it came down to it, Elliot surprised us with his energy in the sack! He has a dirty mouth on him, but Rusty didn’t mind at all! He just took whatever Elliot was throwing at him. Elliot definitely didn’t need Rusty to teach him anything. He conquered Rusty’s ass no problem!

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Stealing Johnny Part 1 - Johnny Rapid Will Braun and Jason Maddox - Drill My Hole 6

Stealing Johnny Part 1 – Johnny Rapid, Will Braun and Jason Maddox – Drill My Hole

Will Braun and Jason Maddox are strapped for cash. With the threat of eviction, they decide to track down Johnny Rapid to get in a porn scene. Johnny has a plan, one involving a kidnapping PR stunt to boost his career and help the two broke boys out.

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Irresponsible Part 1 - Alex Mecum and Brendan Phillips - Drill My Hole 9

Irresponsible Part 1 – Alex Mecum and Brendan Phillips – Drill My Hole

Some may see Alex Mecum as irresponsible, but he’s leading the life he wants to live. After calling out of work, he pursues his itinerary for the day: riding Brendan Phillips. After joining him in the shower, he loosens Brendan up and fucks him all over the apartment.

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Just Like Dad Part 1 - Bennett Anthony and Colton Grey - Drill My Hole 7

Just Like Dad Part 1 – Bennett Anthony and Colton Grey – Drill My Hole

Bennett Anthony is dismayed to discover he’s been sleeping with his boyfriend’s dad. When daddy tries to call Colton Grey to come clean, Bennett uses the best distraction he knows: an early morning suck and fuck fest.

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Gareth & Sean Peyton Serviced 5

Gareth & Sean Peyton Serviced

Gareth was fairly quiet during his solo. He performed like a great! All hard and playing to the cameras, but he was in stealth mode for sure. Not a lot of heavy breathing.

Fast forward one day, and he is all about getting his dick sucked by Sean. Verbal, expressive, and downright bossy for a twink country boy!

Gareth said he was ‘open-minded’ and specified that if he does any gay porn, he will always be just want to only get their dick sucked or top. I hear that from many of the guys, but they often move past that quickly.

He surprised me when asked Sean to take out his cock and stroke it. I nudged them to stroke each other’s cocks, so even on this first video, he pushed his limits.

Also, seeing him thrust his ass in the air and have someone take charge of his back door, you just can’t help but see that this guy could easily get as good as he could give. There is potential there for bottoming. I just don’t think he know it yet.

He has a shoulder injury that became problematic during the rimming portion of this shoot. He has to get a surgery on it, but once he does, I would love to work with him again and watch him grow. He reminds a lot of a Ransom in his younger days.

After the issue with his shoulder though, the dude was hard instantly, and Sean had no problems pulling the nut out of him. I was futzing with my focus on my close-up shot, and Gareth cums very silently, so I thought I had time to reset the focus. It’s a wee bit blurry, but all the other cameras got it and I just love watching Sean pull the load out of Gareth!

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Adam Cub & Cooper Reed RAW 1

Adam Cub & Cooper Reed RAW

This is Adam Cub’s third video and we are still trying to get him to push his limits. Sorry guys, I am trying!

I think he is just going to be a great Top only. Of course his body and cock are amazing and he sure knows how to use it! But getting him to be more interactive has been a challenge.

I know you guys all have loved him from the moment he hit the site. I guess we are just going to wait and see if he will push his limits.

Cooper has not bottomed for a while, and with both their rockin’ bodies, I wanted to make sure I paired Adam with Cooper before Cooper goes on hiatus.

They start by stroking their own cocks, then jerking each other off.

Cooper then gets down to servicing Adam’s big club. Cooper works his cock, teasing and toying with him. He also rims his hole, and I keep forgetting how ticklish Adam is.

Cooper then sits on Adam’s huge cock, splitting his tiny cheeks wide! Cooper bobs up and down on his cock, working it like a pro. He spins around and rides him while nestled on Adam’s hot body.

I felt for Cooper who was doing most of the work and was not really able to play with his cock. So we got him doggie-style so that he could stroke and enjoy while Adam hammered his hole.

I wanted Cooper to cum while that big cock of Adam’s was wedged in his hole, so Cooper strokes a load out with Adam deep in him.

Adam fucks him a bit then pulls out and nuts all over Cooper’s hole. He uses his cock to push the load into him, and then Cooper makes him pull out and cleans the load off his cock!

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See more at CHAOSMAN

Shut up and Fuck Me - Colby Jansen and Jordan Easton - Drill My Hole 4

Shut up and Fuck Me – Colby Jansen and Jordan Easton – Drill My Hole

Itís time for Jordan Easton to take Colby Jansen’s dick. Watch as Colby plugs Jordan’s hole with his pink D, fucking him doggy-style before Jordan mounts and rides him until he shoots warm cum from his uncut dick all over his chest.

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See more at Drill My Hole

Luca Rosso & Wren RAW 12

Luca Rosso & Wren RAW

I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure this is the first time Luca Rosso has done a raw video. In the past he has usually bottomed on video, but in real life, he is actually more of a Top. He also tends to go for twink type guys, and though I am not sure if Wren qualifies as a Twink, he is pretty close to one and Luca was really happy to work with Wren.

So in other words, I got a great match-up for him for his first time condom-free!

I pushed for a little more sensual on this video, having them starting out by making-out. I think you can see that Luca has a bossy vibe when paired properly. Wren certainly was hard and ready to have his cock sucked. Luca’s dom vibe turned him on.

Luca is definitely a pleaser when it comes to cock sucking. He works all his skills on Wren’s cock, and when he is done, he straddles Wren’s face and gets his own cock sucked. Luca really liked Wren’s long hair, so he was VERY turned on for this video!

They 69, and Wren rims Luca’s hole for a bit.

Luca flips Wren doggie-style and then he slides his raw cock deep into Wren. Luca may not be horse-hung, but he is an accomplished Top! I think this video really showcases his ability to be a Top!

Even when Wren rides him, which is typically an issue for most Tops, he stays hard. Of course it helps that Wren is riding his cock like a pro!

Wren gets on his back so that Luca can fuck the cum out of him. Luca has to work to keep thrusting while on the couch, but he keeps it going until Wren’s cock is spurting cum!

And if this is indeed Luca’s first bareback video, then this would also be his first cream pie. He nuts all over his hole, then shoves the cum in.

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See more at CHAOSMEN

Cooper Reed & Sean Peyton RAW 1

Cooper Reed & Sean Peyton RAW

After doing a handful of Serviced videos, I realized that not only is Sean a pro cocksucker, but he reminded me he is an ‘avid’ bottom.

So I thought I would put him with another pro. Cooper Reed has been waiting almost a year for his re-admittance back into the military. He thought he was getting in 6 months ago, and now has a ‘for sure’ entry date. Official date is now July, so I can sneak in a few more videos with him.

He has been training really hard too and it shows. He was swimming a bunch so the last couple videos he was lean muscular, but switched back to power lifting and wow, you can really tell!

Sean is looking great too! All lean muscle, though he went a little crazy on his manscaping. Sorry!

I had told Cooper that Sean is great at cocksucking, so I think you may notice Cooper upping his own oral skills. I think Sean was happy having someone eager to please him.

Cooper also expertly rims his hole, getting it ready to be penetrated by his uncut cock.

And true to his word, Sean IS a fantastic bottom! Cooper rams him and then makes him clean his cock.

Sean rides Cooper’s cock reverse and dumps a HUGE load all over Cooper’s thigh. I think that is the most I have ever seen Sean nut!

Sean slides off the bed and makes his hole into a nice platter for Cooper to nut in. With his hole gaping, Cooper drops his load down his chute! He shoves the extra in, then gets down and eats the cum out of his hole!

What a finale!

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