Dylan Lucas

Morning Glory – Brandon Wilde & Dakota Rivers

I’m always a bit uncertain about these stepdad theme video, they can be a bit strange. But, it’s all pretend of course, and the sight of Brandon Wilde and Dakota Rivers enjoying some hard ass fucking shouldn’t be passed up. Brandon is playing the role of the horny young man coming home to find Dakota (stepdad) passed out on the couch, and he can’t resist tugging down his shorts and getting a good look at the man’s meat. He wakes up, of course, but the shock and surprise is soon replaced by lust as he feeds the young man his big piece of daddy meat. After slurping that tool he gets his ass eaten out, and soon stuffed with that big cock as Dakota owns his hole and fucks him slow and hard, balls-deep, until he’s making Brandon spew his cum out over himself, then laying back to get his balls sucked while he wanks out his own hot mess. Yeah, these stepdad porn videos can be a little odd, but this pairing is fucking hot.



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