Chaos Men

Ashton McKay Solo

Ashton McKay has done quite a bit of video work with a few other stage names. Not sure what all of them were. But he said it had been a couple years since he had shot video and was feeling strong and ready to start working with a new studio.

He has pretty much done it all, but wanted to do a solo and an oral before committing to just one studio.

I had wanted another pro guy to help step the amateurs through their first time, and with his relaxed and amiable vibe, I was eager to get him in.

During the photos, I asked him if he had ever used a FleshJack and he said yes. But I kind of had to show him some tricks to using it, and once he tried, he was amazed at how good it felt. So then I was confused because it was more like he had not ever tried it.

I dunno, regardless, he loved using it in both the photos and video, and I always enjoy seeing the guys fuck the toy like they would another person.

And he is a pro too! Ashton knows where the cameras are and changes his body position to showcase everything he is doing.

He uses the toy until the very last second, and gives his cock head a few more strokes in order to pop his nut!

Ashton is a super hot guy with a hot cock and an amazing body! I hope you enjoy seeing him at ChaosMen!



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