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Bicurious straight guy Wills is eager to have some fun on camera

I love it when a new bicurious straight guy appears in a solo jerk off with the promise of more to come.

This is Wills, a 22 year old straight guy who just got out of the military. He’s looking to make some money, but the way he works that cock in his debut solo suggests to me that this is really more about having fun and shooting loads than earning a living.

He still calls himself straight, but he seems to know he has a little curiosity about dick. He’s already talking about sucking cock and fucking, and even suggests he might be down for riding a dick too.

He’s had a few experiences with other guys before, just drunken cock play by the sounds of things. He was in an MMF threesome where the girl persuaded him and the other guy to share some dick play, and I guess he enjoyed it!

For this first time it’s all about the jerking, but I don’t doubt we’re gonna be seeing more of him after this. I can’t wait to see him sucking cock.



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