Chaos Men

Bryan & Kodi Serviced

After Kodi had come in earlier in the week to do his solo, I knew I wanted to get him back to do a massage themed video. He was only going to be in Austin a short while.

It was a holiday weekend, and neither of us had much going on, so we setup a last-minute morning shoot on a Sunday. I just set the cameras up, and pretty much shot a video in 25 minutes.

Sorry for the lack on HiRes images. Kodi was really turned-on and a couple times I needed to slow down to stop him from cumming too soon. He actually came before I could stop and take some nice still images. Ooops!

There is a lot of chemistry, kissing and despite wanting to try to keep to a staged video format, you can tell that things escalated quickly! Camera angles get a little off as we paid more attention to each other rather than where the cameras were aimed.

Kodi was only in town for a week, but I really liked his energy, and will do my best to get him back so we can see him properly fucked!


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