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Confidently jerking off with straight uncut British jock Jaxon North

If you go to the kind of gym I go to then you’ve probably met guys like Jaxon North. He’s a very hot and very horny straight guy who loves showing off, and he seems to be one of those dudes you might see getting hard in the showers or at the urinal, willing to flash you his boner and appreciate the admiration. The 21-year-old is definitely straight, but he’s the kind of incredibly horny straight guy who isn’t at all shy about getting his hard uncut cock out, and he clearly loves performing and letting you guys get a great show. He’s really loving it as he gets his hard intact dick out, playing with his foreskin, wanking himself off and finishing with a big shower of hot cum that leaps out of his dick and splashes from his chin to his swollen balls! Will we see him back for more after this? Judging by his confidence and eagerness to show off in this video I think he’s gonna be one of those straight guys willing to grab another cock and rub his dick with one of the other straight dudes on the site. Enjoy some of his pics and click through for the video, you’re gonna want to watch him unloading that boner!



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