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Couple Quandry – Matt Stevens & Jordan Belford

Jordan and Matt can’t decide what color they want for their new cabinets once they start the kitchen remodel. They both are very indecisive so they scratch the color scheme and start kissing instead. It begins to get heated as the passion builds up between them. They take their clothes off and Jordan starts to blow Matt’s hard cock. Matt loves the warm feel of Jordan’s mouth but he wants to blow him now and rim that sweet ass to get it ready for his dick. Matt slurps that hard shaft right up than lubes up his hole with his wet tongue burying his face deep in Jordan’s smooth ass. Matt’s dick is hard and throbbing as he pushes deep inside of Jordan legs spread doggy style. Matt passionately pumps his hole with his dick until Jordan is ready to start some fucking. Matt pulls out and slides right down on Jordan’s hard dick riding his shaft up and down. Jordan pumps Matt hard and slow building up to the ultimate climax. Matt cums with Jordan’s cock in his ass and once Jordan sees all the creamy cum he pulls out and releases his hot load all over Matt’s hairy chest.



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