Sean Cody

Daniel bottoms after four years!

If you’re as much of a fan of handsome daddy Daniel as I am then this news is going to be a real treat. After four years of being a total top (and slamming the cum out of some great guys before unloading his massive showers of semen over them) the gorgeous hunk is about to return to get another fat cock up his hole!

Yes, one of the hottest and horniest (former) straight guys on the Sean Cody site is coming back this Friday to get one of the biggest and meatiest muscle dicks they have, with Randy owning his hole and making him spew out one of his famous cum fountain climaxes.

We’ve loved seeing this handsome hunk slamming the cream out of so many guys over the last few years, but some might agree that the three times he bottomed back in 2013 are some of the hottest scenes he ever appeared in. It’s great to see such an aggressive top taking a hard pounding, so this Friday is going to be something pretty damn special.

I know I can’t wait for it.

Check out the early trailer for the scene below.



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