Chaos Men

Easton & Franco & Jerome TagTeam RAW

If you’ve ever lusted after a straight guy you just need to see a video like this one to know that you actually might stand a chance.

When Jerome started out (the handsome and dark jock with some sexy muscle) he was entirely new to the notion of sharing his dick with other dudes and had only been with one woman.

When Franco first appeared in his solo jack off for the site he’d only had a couple of experiences with other guys before, presumably getting head or being jerked off.

Now look at them! The two straight guys are all about getting that dick and fucking that bareback ass as they team up to share some fun with lucky gay guy Easton.

They’re jumping right in, sucking dick and stroking boner, swapping their meat with each other, then taking it all the way.

Don’t be thinking this is all about the gay guy getting those cocks either, both these straight guys take a dick up their ass, fuck their buddies, get spitroasted… and their cocks are throbbing and wet all the way through.

They’re clearly loving it all, the way these guys lick and slurp those boners you can tell they’re definitely not really that straight these days. And if there’s any doubt about that check out the messy cum loads these guys share at the end, splashing out their cream and even sucking those cocks clean and rimming out holes!



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