Chaos Men

Franco & Ivan & Sam TagTeam RAW

Three guys, four cumshots!

Franco, Ivan and Sam all have only done duo scenes, so everyone in this video is new to doing a TagTeam.

Sam has the most experience sexually, so I figured he would be fine. Despite Ivan starting many years ago, he actually has not done a lot of video work. Franco is always game for anything, so despite all the newbie talent, all the guys did a great job.

Everyone gets fucked in this video, with Franco and Sam both excelling at bottoming. Ivan still looks like he vacillates from pain to pleasure

Ivan creampies Franco’s hole, breeding him so that his cum slides out as he juices him. That made Franco instantly nut!

Sam came around to add his load to Ivan’s, fucking Franco with Ivan’s load, then stroking his own load out. It took a couple minutes for him to nut all over Franco’s hole, giving Franco time to bust his second nut!

That Franco, he sure loves having his hole filled!


franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-1 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-2 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-3 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-4 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-5 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-6 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-7 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-8 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-9 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-10 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-11 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-12 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-13 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-14 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-15 franco-ivan-sam-tagteam-raw-16


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