Chaos Men

Franco & Ulysses RAW

Franco has been getting a little more work lately. He is somewhat local, and always so eager to work with new guys. Teo was actually set to work with Ulysses, but he broke his leg skateboarding. If you don’t follow my Twitter or YouTube, this would be news to you. He will be fine, but Teo was disappointed to not come in a do a scene.

Thankfully, Franco was close by and ready to go!

Both guys are fully versatile, so I knew we would have a great flip-flop video. Despite him being a great top, I tend to like watching Franco bottom. His cock loves the anal stimulation, and his facial expressions show just how good it is feeling. As long as you don’t go too deep, he always enjoys having his ass banged.

They both take turns sucking each other’s cock, then they both 69 suck each other.

Ulysses is up to bat first, so Franco gets on his hands and knees to prepare for Ulysses’s 7.5″ uncut cock. This was Franco’s first time working with an uncut cock, and he said after the shoot that he could tell that extra skin made it easier to get fucked with.

Franco then fucks Ulysses on his back. Franco was really hard by then, and it took Ulysses a bit of time to get used to getting fucked. You can tell there are few ‘ouch’ moments, but Franco just fucks him like he means it.

I feel like after that, Ulysses practically ‘revenge fucks’ Franco. He is more aggressive and I think Franco was trying to keep him from going so deep.

As usual, Franco wants to cum the entire time, and since he was so close I suggested that Ulysses take over stroking his cock to make him cum.

Sure enough, Ulysses was great at fucking his buddy while stroking a GIANT load of cum out of Franco!

Ulysses jerks his cock and unloads all over Franco’s hole.

Franco who can usually fire-off a second cum shot about 3 minutes after he cums. So while Ulysses is filling his hole, Franco is furiously jerking his cock to cum a second time.

After creaming his hole, Ulysses gets down on his knees while Franco stands up over him. Franco’s chest and asshole are dripping with cum, when he manages to blast out his second load onto Ulysses mouth and face!

You can tell it was the first time Ulysses has taken a load to his face as he gags a bit. He is a real trooper trying to suck that last bit of cum from Franco’s cock!


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