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Frustrated Lover – Austin Carter & Marc Giacomo

Marc and Austin are at home having a relaxing evening together. Marc is doing some work on his laptop while Austin is on his phone surfing some porn. Marc sees what he’s looking at and becomes a little jealous. He mentions to Austin that he doesn’t need to look at porn when he’s right behind him in the bed. Austin doesn’t want to bother him while he works so watching some porn on the mobile phone is relaxing. Marc is becoming more frustrated with the situation and finally takes matters into his own hands. He grabs Austin and they begin making out. They take their clothes off and Marc face fucks Austin until he is flipped over revealing that gorgeous smooth ass of his. Marc goes face first into Austin’s hole licking and lubing it up with his saliva. You can tell Marc is very dominant just by the way he man handles Austin in the bedroom. He fucks him in a few different positions until they both can’t hold it in no longer and explode their built up loads all over the place.


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