Chaos Men

Gerard & Kodi: RAW

This is the first time Gerard and Kodi have met, but right from the start they hit it off and the cock lust between them is genuinely overflowing. Hairy Kodi is known as a bit of a rampant slut when it comes to getting fucked, he loves to be dominated and used. Gerard is a bisexual guy who usually leans more toward the ladies, but when it comes to sucking a hard dick and fucking a guy’s raw and willing hole he just doesn’t hold back. The two get down to sucking and stroking each other and you can see from their hardness just how horny they are. Kodi’s ass gets plenty of attention, with Gerard fingering his opening and stretching him out, then sliding his steel-like shaft into him. Kodi is hard as a rock too as he rides that dick and then gets it from behind. After making Kodi shoot his hot load out all over himself Gerard starts to unload too, pulling out just in time for a leaping squirt of semen to splash out. Then he surprises us all by sliding his cumming cock right back into Kodi! His dick is pulsating as his shaft spews shot after shot of hot cream right into his friend’s chute! That’s not all the surprises. Gerard pulls his wet and dripping cock out of his buddy after breeding his hole, licks up some of his friend’s cum, then licks his own load up as is leaks out of Kodi’s ass! Seriously, guys, you need to go and watch the trailer for this one at least. It’s one of the most horny scenes they’ve shot in the last few weeks.



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