HomoPod 3 – Paddy O’Brian rams the muscle ass of Enzo Rimenez

Every now and then I’m surprised by the originality of porn writers. You see a lot of the same unimaginative crap in gay porn every month, but this one is something special. It’s HomoPod part 3 (yep, I missed parts 1 and 2, deal with it) and it’s starring gorgeous big and beefy dude Enzo Rimenez getting the thick muscle cock of gorgeous stud Paddy O’Brian. The story is a good one, with Enzo buying a HomoPod that has been hooking him up with other dudes in the first two installments of the story, but now it’s decided to get that muscle ass for itself. I don’t know how, but it’s bought the body of Paddy (a wise choice, I think we all agree) and arrived on his owners doorstep ready to feed and fuck him. Enzo can’t say no to such a gorgeous hunk of man, even if the stud is freakishly inhabited by his glorified Alexa. He gobbles the precum out of that thick meat, gets his ass rimmed out, then takes a hardcore fucking from the hairy and hunky top before being splashed in the face with the stud’s cum load!

It’s a cool story, but anything with Paddy in it is likely to get me blasting out a big wad of cock juice.



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