Extra Big Dicks

I Need The Promotion – Alan Kennedy & Sasha Alexander

Sasha is relaxing in his office watching some porn when Alan comes walking in and sits down at his desk. Alan is trying to get Sasha’s attention as he is telling him why he deserves a promotion. All Sasha can hear is blah blah blah blah as he is more interested in the porn on his laptop. Alan turns the laptop around and sees what Sasha has been distracted by and understands it all now. Alan will do anything for this promotion so Sasha whips out his big long cock and Alan jumps right on it. Sasha feeds him his throbbing cock deep down his throat. Sasha tells Alan to bend over his desk and play with his ass while he watches stroking his throbbing dick. Sasha rolls the condom on and pushes his long hard cock balls deep into Alan fucking him hard over his desk. Sasha will give him a great promotion but not before fucking him in multiple positions and leaving him covered in both their cum. Enjoy!


i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-1 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-2 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-3 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-4 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-5 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-6 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-7 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-8 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-9 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-10 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-11 i-need-the-promotion-alan-kennedy-sasha-alexander-12


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