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Jacking off with straight jock Cameron Donald

I guess a lot of sites are having trouble keeping up with their schedules at the moment and they can’t exactly film new videos. Thankfully some of them seem to have thought ahead and EnglishLads is one of them. They have a backup of solo jack off videos from some of their hottest straight guys and we’ve been seeing some of those arriving over the last few weeks, with their dudes enjoying their dicks in outdoor wanks, at home, being filmed by friends and so on.

Cameron Donald apparently filmed quite a few solo cock stroking sessions while he was traveling around Europe before the outbreak happened and shut everything down, and this is one of those videos.

He’s stopped off in a French hostel for this one, somehow managing to keep things quiet while he strokes his uncut meat and gets a good load of jock cum pumping from his dick.

I love watching this guy, he’s got a hot body, he’s handsome, and he’s got a lovely uncut cock he really enjoys showing off and playing with. If you never saw his videos jacking off and sucking cock with other straight guys on the site you should check those out too, but you’re gonna enjoy this solo wank in a French hostel, too.

Click for this video or check out previous posts with Cameron.

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