Dylan Lucas

My Hairy Uncle – Spencer Whitman & Austin Ryder

Austin is hanging out at his Uncle Spencer’s pad, lounging about shooting some FB IM’s to a friend. His Uncle comes outside to check on him and sees him on the phone. His Uncle Spencer has his shirt off to reveal all his manly chest hair. Austin has his shirt off as well with all his lovely young man hair out for all to see. Spencer can’t believe how hairy Austin is and begins to rub his chest. Austin loves the way it feels and slides his fingers through his Uncle’s hairy chest too. Austin can see that Spencer is getting hard so he takes advantage of it and pulls down his Uncle’s pants to reveal his uncut thick cock. Austin begins to suck him off stroking and licking every inch of his dick. Spencer is enjoying his nephew servicing him so much so he lays him down on the couch outside and takes his young cock deep into his mouth. Sucking and playing with his young smooth balls Spencer spreads Austin’s legs wide to reveal his sexy smooth hole and then begins to rim him deep. Austin can feel his Uncle’s wet tongue swirling around his tight eager hole. He can’t take the teasing no longer and wants his Uncle to fuck him in the bedroom. They head back into the house making out and fondling each other every step of the way. Spencer spreads that young ass wide and far than pushes his hard uncut cock into that ass pumping slowly at first but building up speed until his balls are slapping that sexy ass. Spencer fucks him in a couple positions but finally blows his load all over Austin’s sweet ass. Austin lays on his back as his Uncle services his balls until his load is released all over his very own hairy chest.


my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-1 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-2 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-3 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-4 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-5 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-6 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-7 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-8 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-9 my-hairy-uncle-spencer-whitman-austin-ryder-10


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