Joshua Armstrong

My Straight Muscle Slave – Joshua Armstrong

Going about my own business in the gym I notice someone watching me, he’s rather fit. But not quite my standard if you get what I mean. My vascular hairy shredded muscular body is no match for anyone, but I can recognise his efforts.

He comes up to me and tells me he knows what I’ve been getting up to! Initially I am worried, was he trying to blackmail me?

Turns out, he is straight… But he wants to be my slave, instantly I’m shocked amazed & horny. I tell him to show up at mine later.

As he turns up I get straight down to fucking business, I get him to attack my armpits until we are both sweaty, I make sure my pits are covered in tongue saliva so my essence enters his system and stays there.

I start to witness the changes, his muscles slowly become more defined, his pits more hairy.

Nows the time the servicing begins, I demand the other man in the room to hold him down while I guide my dick to his mouth and have him suck it and refuse to dislodge his head even as he struggles.

I finish by unloading my hot thick cum into his body as he is held down.. I reveal my latest creation and his free will is gone.



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