Raging Stallion

Primal – Brian Bonds & Brogan Reed

Muscled, hairy stud Brian Bonds has a big, girthy boner that needs sucking. Brogan Reed is up to the challenge and welcomes a vigorous face fucking. Thick spit appears as Brogan deepthroats Brian’s shaft and sucks his hefty balls. To return the favor, Brian positions Brogan face down in a sling, parts Brogan’s ass cheeks, and dives in tongue first. Brian loves rimming Brogan’s hairy hole, which is soon drenched in slick saliva. Taking advantage of the natural lubricant, Brian can’t resist using the tip of his cock to tease Brogan’s tight sphincter. Eager to fuck, Brian mounts Brogan doggy style and thrusts with deep, powerful strokes. Flipping over in the sling, Brogan takes Brian’s cock in a missionary position. His ass hair clings to Brian’s cock with every thrust, and his bulge fills his jockstrap to the limit. Releasing Brogan’s meat, Brian goes down for some deep cock sucking, which makes him eager for a flip fuck. Throwing a leg over Brogan’s shoulder, Brian revels in pleasure as Brogan pounds like a wild animal. The intense sensation pushes Brian over the edge, blasting his big, hairy pecs with wet cum. The hot scene brings Brogan to the brink as well: he jerks out his load on Brian’s face, and Brian licks the last drop off the tip of Brogan’s dick.


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