Active Duty

Ripley & Jay Ice

Jay Ice and Ripley waste no time getting down to business in this hot duo, both getting their cocks out and getting their lips around each other for some awesome mutual sucking. Jay goes first, slurping and sucking greedily on his mates meat, getting a taste of precum oozing from his tip. Ripley loves it, he can’t wait to return the favor and soon has his lips and tongue working his friend’s cock and balls with equal passion. Ripley’s ass is willing, and Jay gets right into it the first chance he gets, sliding his big bareback cock into that military hole and going at it with relentless pounding! Things get pretty rough with these guys, with Jay slamming that hole while he chokes his fuck buddy, Ripley doesn’t seem to mind it! His cock is throbbing throughout while his friend owns his ass and makes him his bitch. That tight hole feels so good, Jay gets himself to the edge and pulls out his dick, stroking his wet meat until ropes of cum splash out of his tip and rain down over Ripley. The guy loves it, rubbing the fresh semen into his skin, his nipples being nibbled by his spent buddy while he wanks himself off and spews out a hot volley of man milk all over himself!



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