Chaos Men

Santino & Teo RAW

After Teo broke his leg earlier in the year, I figured he would be down and out for the rest of the year. He worked out hard after getting his cast removed, and was living in Austin for several months before getting back to work at his full-time job.

He is always a hoot to work with. He cracks jokes a lot, and often makes the other models feel relaxed. You can usually spot a goofy photo or two of him hamming it up.

Santino is calm but anxious before doing each shoot. He always worries about bottoming, but once on set, he finally will relax. Though you can tell he is all about a slow gentle fuck, vs. getting hammered. You can often hear him whisper, “Take is slow. Easy!”

Santino is definitely a better Top than a Bottom.

Teo is down for anything, and after experimenting with his girlfriend (who also does adult video work) he looks forward to trying to nut while being fucked. I have to admit; he does cum much faster with a dick in his ass!

Santino has also mastered the fine art of breeding a dude. He jerks his cock until it starts squirting on Teo’s hole, then blasts the rest inside!



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