Chaos Men

Sky Solo

Sky came via a model’s ex-boyfriend. Sky was just settling in from living out of state, and his friend suggested that he could do video work since it had worked out so well for his ex-boyfriend. Sky seems to be full on Bi. He watched straight porn for the solo, but based on his performance, he certainly enjoys having his ass played with. When he is with guys, it sounds like he is completely versatile, but I think he will lean more towards bottoming. With his 8.5″ uncut cock, it will be nice to have him be versatile. Be hot to see his hot dick plunging into a dude’s hole! He’s has beautiful blue eyes and myriad of tatts that scream rough trade. With his lean build, he reminds of Ransom when he first got started. Sky was certainly turned on, and even suggested trying to cum on his own face. He does a fantastic job stroking his cock until he unloads. Most of it hits his chest, but we should give him an ‘A’ for effort! Sky was definitely in the mindset of trying to make his solo as hot as he could for you, so he will be fantastic to watch in future scenes!




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