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Straight bodybuilder fucked, and fucks!

When Caspar started out I really wasn’t sure we’d ever see the straight bodybuilder fucked. Sure, we knew that he’d done some gay porn before but I don’t think anyone really expected him to become the seriously fucking hot dude he’s become. Check him out in this awesome raw fuck with Vander, not only sucking cock and being blown like he loves that dick, but getting his hairy muscle man hole stuffed with that thick raw dick, then getting rough with Vander as he gets revenge on the guys ass before bottoming again to finish off the session. The final moments of this one are perfect for the cum lovers out there. Caspar gets his hole creamed with a big load and while Vander is licking his own cum out of that ass Caspar spurts his own goo out. I think it’s fair to say we’re probably gonna be getting a lot more of this guy in the future.


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