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Straight brothers jacking off together on video for the first time

Horny brothers Rowan Black and Jamie Black aren’t shy about their cocks, neither should they be. These horny straight guys are just starting out in gay porn, getting naked and showing off for the fans, comparing their cocks and enjoying their own hard length as they stroke themselves in front of each other.

These guys have great dicks. Big muscled lad Jamie has a pretty thick and meaty cock that every guy out there would love to service and empty for him, while his brother Rowan has a longer and thinner dick with a cum-laden balls ready to be emptied.

The guys are really enjoying showing off, you can see their cocks are getting hard before they even reveal them. Once out the lads are comparing their shafts, wanking themselves off and swinging their dicks around. You know this probably isn’t the first time they’ve seen each other hard and horny, but it’s great to see a couple of straight brothers like these two openly enjoying the sight of another hard cock right there in front of them.

Check it out as they stroke their dicks together and watch each other splashing out their hot loads. Rowan pumps out a big shower of semen all over himself while his brother watches in amazement, laughing as his cum splashes all the way up his naked body. Then it’s his turn, pumping a thicker and whiter load of cum from his uncut dick while Rowan watches and nurses his own spent and slippery dick.

What an amazing debut for these two straight brothers! I hope we get to see a whole lot more of these two guys in the next few weeks and months, maybe getting their cum wanked out of them by another straight lad on the site?



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