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Straight jock top Bronson fucks lucky Lorenzo

I know I wasn’t the only one hoping we would get to see handsome and buff straight jock Bronson back for more. Since his debut jack off where he admitted that he’s a very horny guy who loves to stroke it and open minded enough to try some new things, I’ve been a little in lust with the gorgeous hunk.

We saw him come back to share some cock play with Wright, grabbing another cock for the first time, frotting their dicks together and being sucked off by the guy until their cum loads were spewing out, and it was fucking awesome to see.

Well, he’s back, and this time it’s lucky Lorenzo getting the chance to show him a whole lot more.

We get to see Bronson sucking cock for the first time, and although you can tell he’s new to it and a little unsure at first, he really seems to be getting into it as he grans that cock, strokes the shaft, licks the swollen tip and then slides more into his mouth.

With a little rimming of his ass you get the impression that he might be the one about to get fucked for the first time, but alas I think we’ll have to wait a little longer for that. This time it’s all about Bronson getting his first piece of man hole and dunking his naked dick into Lorenzo, fucking him all over the bed and making him splash his cum out before he pulls his dick free and decorates his hole!

I’m pretty sure we’re gonna see Bronson back for more after this. Although you could see he was real uncertain about sucking that dick he looked like he was getting into it. He really seemed to love the feel of that man hole too. You know what most straight men are like; once they suck a cock for the first time nd fuck another dude up the butt, they’re usually up for more!



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