English Lads

Straight jocks jerking each other off and loving it!

I didn’t think we would get this shoot this soon, but I’m damn glad we have it! Both Albie Wicks (the bigger muscled guy with less ink) and Joe Burleigh are new to porn, but these straight jocks are pretty interested in getting their thick uncut cocks out with other guys and having some fun! We last saw Joe getting his dick out with Casias Bradley a few days ago and feeling another guys hard cock for the first time, that ended with them making each other cum. Well, it seems as though Joe had a lot of fun in that one and he’s already back to wank another hard cock. Handsome Albie isn’t exactly shy about sharing his dick either by the looks of things, when they reveal their big uncut cocks for each other it’s only a matter of minutes before they’re grabbing those cocks and getting hard, stroking each other and seemingly having a great time. There’s a whole lot of cock play in this shoot, with the two straight guys slapping their thick dicks together and wanking each other off until each boner is splashing out a hot mess of cum over themselves while their new buddy watches! Judging by how hard and thick those cocks got when they started stroking each other something tells me these two dudes are gonna be down for a whole lot more mutual fun with guys after this, and we can’t wait to watch it.



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