Spunk Worthy

Sucking off a straight guy, Kent gets his meat serviced by another dude for the first time

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about straight guys over the years it’s that a lot of them will let you suck them off if they know it’s gonna be a secret, and those who pretend they’re not interested usually change their minds when you start. Something else I’ve learned is that most of them will come back to be sucked again.

Kent is a former Marine who’s been missing from gay porn for a year after getting a hand job in his last visit, but it seems he needed the money and now he’s decided to let another guy suck his cock for him. He might start out real nervous about it, but once that dick gets licked and slurped for a couple of minutes he’s soon working out that he’s been missing something in his life for a long time. Watch as he gets the best cock sucking he’s ever had and shoots a hot thick load of cum from his cock!



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