Active Duty

Ripley & Jay Ice

Jay Ice and Ripley waste no time getting down to business in this hot duo, both getting their cocks out and getting their lips around each other for some awesome mutual sucking. Jay goes first, slurping and sucking greedily on his mates meat, getting a taste of precum oozing from his tip. Ripley loves it, […]

Active Duty

Chase, Craig Cameron & Quentin Gainz

By now we’ve come to know and love each of these hot dudes very well.  This time we have Craig Cameron, Chase, and honorary squad captain, Quentin Gainz.  These guys have some pretty strong personalities and come with a lot of leadership qualities and we certainly see some interesting minglings.  They go from some nice […]

Next Door Studios

Bro Game – Jimmy Clay & Bridger Watts

Best buds Jimmy Clay and Bridger Watts are chilling at home watching the game but something keeps distracting them from the tv. Bridger keeps stealing looks at Jimmy in his bath towel ensemble and Jimmy can’t help but notice that Bridger is fidgeting with his cock through his pants. Jimmy asks Bridger what’s up with […]