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The Trainer – Jimmy Durano & Landon Mycles

It’s leg day, and personal trainer Jimmy Durano starts by stretching out his client, Landon Mycles. As Jimmy massages Landon’s thick, beefy legs, the big bulge in Jimmy’s spandex swells. After their intense workout, Landon and Jimmy can’t resist decompressing by making out with each other. Landon strips off Jimmy’s shirt, revealing Jimmy’s incredible, sculpted physique. Jimmy removes Landon’s shirt, showing off Landon’s incredible pecs. Freeing Jimmy’s cock from its spandex, Landon goes down and gives Jimmy deep, intense oral. Sweat and spit drip from their bodies as they rub themselves together. Spreading his ass, Landon invites Jimmy to dive in tongue first, and Jimmy eagerly buries his face in Landon’s hole. The rim job has Landon horned up and ready to get pounded, and Jimmy slides in his huge, uncut cock. The intense, doggy style pounding makes Landon moan and writhe. Flipping over, Landon jerks his cock while Jimmy pounds away in missionary position. Their washboard abs ripple as they slam their perfect bodies together. With Jimmy still inside him, Landon blows his load all over his stomach. Pulling out, Jimmy blasts off thick ropes of cum that splatter across Landon’s chest.


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