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The Trainer – Johnny V, Sean Zevran & Jacob Taylor

Sean Zevran and Johnny V endure a rigorous joint training session coached by Jacob Taylor. Afterwards, Johnny cools down by stripping off his shirt and pouring the contents of his water bottle down his shredded torso. The three ripped muscle studs can’t keep their hands off each other, and they start to make out while groping each other’s ripped bodies. Getting down on his knees, Johnny alternates between sucking off Jacob and Sean’s cocks. Bending over a platform, Johnny puts his ass in the air for rimming. First Sean, then Jacob take turns at eating the blond stud’s perfect bubble butt. The spit roasting begins with Jacob fucking Johnny’s ass as Johnny sucks Sean’s huge meat. Trading places, Sean takes his turn on Johnny’s ass while Jacob gets his dick worshiped. From every angle, these three muscle studs show off their bulging muscles. Using battle ropes, the trio create a makeshift sling for Johnny to get his ass pummeled. Sean takes the reigns, giving Johnny an incredible pounding. The deep anal penetration gets Johnny V off, and he sprays his torso with thick ropes of cum. Pulling out, Sean works his cock until he oozes forth a massive load that he deposits right on Johnny’s cock and balls. The sight makes Jacob blow his load, arching across Johnny’s pecs. Rising from the sling, Johnny stands and the three muscle gods press their faces together to share a three-way kiss.


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