English Lads

Uncut straight guy Freddy Schols is having fun with his long and slender dick

I have a new potential fave dude over on the English Lads gay porn site, and I think he’s going to be enjoyed by a lot of guys there in the coming months.

His name is Freddy Schols and he’s a very horny straight lad with so much confidence you can imagine we’re gonna be seeing him learning a lot of new things with some of their other guys in the next few visits.

He’s a builder, a footballer, and he likes working out at the gym. Most importantly, he’s not at all shy when it comes to getting his long uncut cock out and showing off in front of the lads.

He admits that he’s always playing with his cock at work, jiggling his dick and balls around in his trackies while he’s on the building site, and probably enjoying some sneaky wanks while he watches porn on his phone.

To be honest, he seems perfect for the site. He’s one of those guys you can imagine wouldn’t have a problem getting his cock out with another lad and having some wanking fun, and that’s one of the things they film a lot of there.

Will we see him rubbing dicks with another dude in the next few weeks? Will he be into frotting their cocks together and wanking each other off? Something tells me he’s gonna be down with it and exploring dick play with some of the other guys, and it’s gonna be great to watch.

Now, I know these pics are tame and you want to see some cock, but rest assured they just like protecting their content and once you get in there you get all the cock stroking, cum splashing, horny fun.

Click through and check him out splashing his load from his long and slender cock.



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