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Wild Weekend Part 2 – JJ Knight & Wesley Woods

JJ Knight and Wesley Woods make out on a wooden deck with a sweeping view of the Russian River wilderness. Peeling off their clothes, they run their hands over each other’s ripped, muscular bodies. JJ sinks to his knees and expertly services Wesley’s throbbing boner, licking the sensitive tip with his tongue and swallowing the entire humongous shaft all the way down his throat. JJ grips Wesley’s cock and strokes while sucking on Wesley’s sensitive cock head. Returning the favor, Wesley starts working over JJ’s massive member. It’s so huge that Wesley can wrap both hands around the shaft and still have plenty of length to suck on with his mouth. Spit drips as Wesley struggles to get every last inch of JJ’s dick. The intense oral worship gets JJ ready to blow, and he shoots a huge wad that spurts upwards and splashes across Wesley’s face. Cum drips from Wesley’s lips as he slurps the last drops from JJ’s incredible cock. Standing up, Wesley milks his own load out of his cock and splatters JJ’s muscular chest. They press their lips together one more time, enjoying the taste and smell of sweat, spit, and cum.


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