Joshua Armstrong

World War Pecs – Joshua Armstrong

I knew it, I knew i could get past all the security looking like your average IT guy, glasses on, shirt on. Smooth persona just swiftly moving past the guards.

I’m covert, I sneak through the base and I make it to where you are held captured, all that is between me saving you is the dictator, a very evil man.

I need the key to let you out, but only one man has the key. And thankfully my intelligence from before hand let me know his weakness, that’s why I’m the hunk for the job.

My pecs are his weakness, I start to apply oil and I can begin to see myself having my own way once again, I get the dictator to unbutton me and oil me, button by button applying more and more oil.

My Shredded, hairy body is worshipped for your freedom, I tense and flex and notice him becoming more and more like putty in my hands.

Before you know it, everything is stripped off apart from my shirt. My cock is rock hard, and I wank it, I wank it hard and fast to get your freedom.

Even after cumming I flaunt it some more, bouncing my still hard cock up and down while he gets me the key to your release!



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